Electrical Testing and Inspections in Chichester, West Sussex

At Henderson Electrical Solutions Ltd, I carry out electrical tests and inspections in the properties throughout West Sussex. I am an NICEIC approved electrician with vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of electrical tests, which allows us to assist all domestic and commercial property owners with their electrical fault-finding and routine maintenance requirements. 

When it comes to maintaining a safe, electrical hazard-free environment, I believe routine tests and inspections are essential. At Henderson Electrical Solutions Ltd, I provide the area with a comprehensive range of electrical testing and inspection services, to ensure I am able to assist in the upkeep of electrical safe domestic and commercial properties. 

My electrical testing and inspection services include:

  • Portable appliance testing (PAT)
  • Electric installation condition reports (EICR)
  • Fault-finding inspections 

Inspections such as EICRs are a mandatory requirement for landlords every 5 years or change of tenancy, however, I strongly advise other property owners to undergo these checks on a routine basis to aid in maintaining a safe home or business environment. EICR services consist of a number of inspections on all electrical aspects within the property, allowing me to detect any signs of wear and tear, damages or faults. This is essential as it will prevent these problems from escalating further into issues that could not only be costly to repair but could also be highly dangerous. 

PAT testings are commonly carried out in commercial business properties, as they ensure the condition of all portable electrical appliances is maintained, preventing disruptive, inconvenient breakdowns or faults from occurring during the working day. These tests ensure all appliances that are frequently used and relied on for the business to run smoothly, are in a good, safe condition at all times. 

Fault-finding inspections are suitable for any property type, as they are imperative when any sign of an electrical fault is noticed. Commonly, electrical issues will show certain signs to suggest there is an issue, however, it is not always easy to locate where the issue begins without specialist knowledge and expertise. Therefore, it is crucial all property owners seek assistance from a professional team like ourselves when any of the signs below are experienced, to ensure the fault is located efficiently before it escalates further. 

The most common signs that suggest there is a fault with the electrics include:

  • Frequent circuit tripping 
  • Frequent fuse blows 
  • Buzzing outlets
  • Flickering lights 
  • Burning smells 
  • Sparking sockets 
  • And more. 

All of my testing and inspection services aim to assist all property owners in the area whenever required, to aid in keeping their property and those within it in the safest possible position at all times.

To discuss your electrical testing and inspection requirements further give me a call today on 07557769804.